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Paradigm Geolog 7.4 is an absolutely wonderful program.  Fast, intuitive and runs like a dream.  It's easily cut my production time in half.  I highly recommend this program to all my fellow independent geologists out there. ​​

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Ashen Geological Consulting Services

Ashen Consulting is dedicated to providing the most accurate, comprehensive and honest geologic consultation on interpretations to aid its clients.  Although we specialize in Borehole Image processing and interpretation, our services include all forms of geological consulting for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Activity is increasing as we all look towards a more stable market. In the mean time get out there and do some science!  Get those reserves up for the coming year. 

With over 15 years experience in the Petroleum Industry, we know that accurate data is essential to the success of our clients.  Just as important is trust and integrity.  With this in mind, Ashen Consulting will strive to provide the most honest answers to our clients geologic questions in a timely and understandable fashion.