Borehole Image logs can provide an excellent source of information when it comes to the structural and lithologic make-up of your reservoir.  Image logs are an practical and cheaper alternative to coring when putting together a fracture scheme.  These images  provide detailed information about depositional environments, dip direction, high resolution resistivity,  faults, secondary porosity, and maximum vs minimum stress direction.

If your looking for an alternative to coring without having to compromise data quality, ask your preferred service company about the benefits of running an image tool.

All interpretation categories are fully formattable.  This allows us to tailor the interpretation to the exact needs of our clients.  We can adapt each interpretation to focus primarily on the clients interest or provide an all-inclusive full interpretation of the imaged interval

We format all headers to accommodate each clients individual wishes.

Our standardized report is clear and concise giving our clients an easy to understand description of interpreted features.  All reports can be modified to fit our clients exact data needs.  We greatly believe in customizing all our products to the specific wants of our clients.

We have the same capabilities as all the major service companies, so our clients can receive the same products at the same scale and configuration they are accustomed to.  Or we can customize all the data to the specific format the client desires.